Guardian Mycros | Probiotic Rooting Powder

Size: 100 gram / 3.5 ounce
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What is Guardian Mycros:

Guardian Mycros is an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, or AMF, that binds root symbionts capable of protecting a host plant against biotic stressors. Guardian Mycros rapidly activates fixed nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in soil and accelerates the decomposition of organic matter. Thus, Mycros quickly removes all kinds of elemental deficiency diseases. By eliminating various elemental deficiency diseases, Guardian Mycros can increase nutrient uptake of water, mineral nutrients such as phosphate and nitrogen, and other nutrients. The secretion of cellulase and protease also prevents soil salinization, effectively inhibiting adult nematodes and eggs. In addition to preventing soil salinization and PPN’s, plant-parasitic nematodes, AMF has also been shown in studies to alter root morphology. In addition to increasing nutrient availability, crops with AMF present in their soil have shown an increase in root growth and branching. Mycorrhizal plants with increased root vigor due to higher nutrient uptake may also have fewer issues with suppressed root growth caused by PPN.

How Do Guardian Mycros Work?

Guardian Mycros is fast-acting and long-lasting, rapidly increasing the microbial content in the soil, forming a beneficial protective barrier around the root system. As a result, it inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful pathogens and reduces the occurrence of diseases. Reducing the occurrence of disease within plants is called the biocontrol effect. The biocontrol effect helps to stave off PPN, or plant-parasitic nematode infection. In addition, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi enable plants to obtain additional moisture and nutrients from the soil. Guardian Mycros can also be used for early prevention and repair of nematode damage; it enhances soil vitality and prevents compaction. When mycorrhizae are present in the soil, crops are less susceptible to water stress. 

The Proven Benefits of Guardian Mycros:

  • Activates fixed nitrogen, phosphorous, & potassium in the soil
  • Inhibits harmful pathogens in the soil
  • A rapid increase in microbial content in the soil forms a beneficial barrier around the root system
  • Prevention and repair from nematode damage
  • Reduces water stress
  • Promotes the uptake of phosphorus 

WARNING: This product is not intended for human consumption. Do not eat it.

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