Guardian Arterra | Probiotic Soil Conditioner

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What is Guardian Arterra? 

Guardian Arterra is a concentrated soil amendment and conditioner packed with Bacillus microbes. It's ideal for high-value crops, grasses, and is an excellent all-around garden amendment. Combining three different strains of Bacillus bacteria, Guardian Arterra is sure to boost your crop yield and protect it from harmful bacteria and viruses while also maintaining soil integrity. 

How Does Guardian Arterra Work?

Guardian Arterra Soil Amendment & Conditioner first improves the soil while continuously maintaining soil health. Guardian Arterra then promotes plant growth and the formation of natural nutrient supply systems in plants while also reducing the amount of ammonia in the soil and reducing the conversion of fertilizer nitrogen.

Bacillus subtilis: Also known as grass bacillus, or hay bacillus, Bacillus subtilis is a gram-positive catalase-positive bacterium found in both soil and grazing animals, as well as humans and marine sponges. Bacillus subtilis acts as a beneficial probiotic for grazing livestock and various other ruminants, helping boost immune health and improving intestinal health. In addition, studies have shown that Bacillus subtilis promotes plant growth through the organic compounds it produces. 

By acting as a biofertilizer, Bacillus subtilis also mitigate agricultural ammonia and shifts soil nitrogen cycling microbiomes (Bo Sun et al., 2020).   

Bacillus megaterium: Bacillus megaterium belongs to the family of rhizobacteria known as PGPR, or plant growth promoting rhizobacteria. Megaterium encourages plant growth by colonizing the rhizosphere through the use of root the exudates as growth substrates. But unlike most other rhizospheric bacteria, it exerts a beneficial effect on the plants and reproduces rapidly in the soil, becoming the advantage bacteria. This role controls root nutrition and other resources so that harmful pathogenic bacteria lose their living space.

Bacillus megaterium also makes plant cell walls thicker with greater fiber and lignification. This results in cutin double silicon layers, which serve as barriers against virus attacks.

Bacillus mucilaginosus: Bacillus mucilaginosus is a soil bacteria commonly implemented as a microbial fertilizer. This microbial fertilizer works best as it grows around the seed and crop roots, producing many organic acids and enzymes while it metabolizes. In addition, Bacillus mucilaginosus also decomposes insoluble minerals such as aluminosilicates within the soil.

The Proven Benefits of Guardian Arterra:

  • Promotes plant growth
  • Promotes nitrogen fixation
  • Remediates clay soil
  • Releases soil
  • Phosphate-solubilizing
  • Enhances soil fertility
  • Antibacterial & insect-resistant

WARNING: This product is not intended for human consumption. Do not eat it.

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